The best 5 channel car amplifier specially designed for the music lovers that never compromise on the performance of their car audio system.

The most irritating thing for long drives is distorted and poor sound quality on your car speakers. However, some people hesitate to upgrade their car music system as they think that these changes are expensive. But, let me tell you if you go with a small 5 channel car amplifier then it will bring no burden on your pocket at all.  At economical prices, the most powerful 5 channel car amplifier can give a boost to the weak bass from your subwoofers.

A top rated 5 channel car amplifiers includes 4 channels for the speakers and one of the subwoofers. In addition, you will require 2 amps to run the whole music system smoothly.  You need to install 2 amps firstly to use the compact 5 channel car amplifier. These best budget 5 channel amp take less space, money, and time.

Here we shortlist the top 7 best 5 channel car amplifier available in the market. Our top picks are on the basis of customer’s feedbacks, general surveys, sales reports, and detailed research. We briefly describe the key features, specifications, working, and benefits of best 5 channel amplifier

Best Product on Amazon

  1. Rockville 5 Channel Stereo Amplifier (db-55)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It delivers optimum power to all channels at 2 and 4 ohms.
  2. It delivers distortion free music.
  3. The sound control is easy to use.
  4. This is a heavier amplifier as compared to other top rated car amplifiers.
  5. It comes with under voltage protection at 10 volts and over voltage protection at 16 volts.

Rockville is a very famous brand for the manufacturing of audio systems like speakers, amplifiers, car audio systems, and other musical instruments.

The good 5 channel car amplifier we are introducing here is from its db series. According to the market survey, this is the most efficient sounding amp series that Rockville has ever designed. This compact 5 channel amplifier has a peak power of 4000 watts across the 5 channels. The frequency response of this class d 5 channel amplifier is from 15 to 35 kHz with a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 90%.

Moreover, the most prominent feature is the high-speed MOSFET power supply set. This system is highly energy efficient. This power supply system delivers the optimum power to its various channels to push your system to its maximum potential.

This 5 channel car amplifier offers you to use sound customization tools to adjust the sound of the audio system that fits your listening needs. A fully adjustable 12dB bass equalizer with high, low, and subsonic filters are also included in these adjustable tools.

According to the company, this dB-55 series comes with an optical coupler that enables the smooth transition between class A/B and Class D operation. Make sure that the amplifier is delivering the optimal output at all volumes and frequencies. Above all, you can also listen to distortion-free music at all levels with the use of a professional peak limiter car amplifier 5 channel.

According to the company’s experts, this best cheap car amplifier has great care according to the highest standards and protection features.

2. Rockford Fosgate 5 Channel Prime Amplifier (R-600-X5)


Highlighted Features:

  1. This good 5 channel amp has heavy duty cast aluminum alloy.
  2. The compact 5 channel amplifier has a low power input.
  3. The loudness does not meet the audio phone standards.
  4. It is equipped with automatic thermal sensing technology.
  5. This best car audio amps for the money is the best combination of Class A, B, and D amplifiers. 

The Rockford Fosgate is the most performing brand that fit according to your listening needs. This best budget 5 channel car amplifier R-600-X5 can continuously drive 4 speakers, each of 50 watts power sub with up to 300 watts.

Moreover, this model is the perfect choice in all situations for your amplification needs. This best 5 channel car amplifier for the money runs your 4 speakers and subwoofer and can bridge at 2-ohm for smooth working. It can work with any stereo because of its different speaker level input, including the factory systems.

According to the company, this is the best combination of Class A/B and Class D amplifiers. Class A for clear sound quality, Class B to protect from overheating, and Class D for high level efficiency.

In addition, this amp fills your car with extremely satisfactory, clean, and loud sound by delivering 50 watts to each regular speaker.

Above all, with the help of the Punch EQ adjustable bass boost, you can produce deeper bass for the comfort of the driving seat. Remember, this best car amplifier for the money has the ability to produce a peak power of 700 watts.

3. JL Audio 5 Channel Car Amplifier (XD-700/5V2)


Highlighted Features:

  1. This is an expensive 5 channel car amplifier.
  2. It has no fuse system.
  3. It comes with a thermal protection system if overheated.
  4. This best 5 channel amps fits in any car.
  5. You can control it directly from the driver’s seat.

If you are searching for the best 5 channel amplifier for your audio system, then try this brand. This brand continued to wonder car audio fans with great equipment. This amplifier currently has all the important features that support your top speakers.

According to the company, this 5 channel class d amplifier delivers RMS of 75 watts to 4 front and rear speakers. It has a total power sub of 300 watts. As we know that this is a 5 channel amplifier, but what happens if we use it with a 3-way speaker system? In such a situation, you can pass the front channels to run tweeters.  The band-pass rear channels are used for greater mid bass output while the low pass the sub channel for deeper bass.

Moreover, this 5 channel car audio amplifier uses the latest NexD technology to produce a total energy efficiency and an exceptional audio quality. Above all, this allows you to enjoy the ever-pleasant listening experience with clear sound quality.

For the protection from overheating, JL Audio has an exclusive protection circuit (ARP) that monitors the amplifier thermal condition and makes adjustments accordingly when needed.

4. Polk Audio Class D 5 Channel Car Amplifier (D-5000.5)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It has a modulated MOSFET power supply system.
  2. It is equipped with thermal protection and short circuit features.
  3. The company has constructed it with a durable build.
  4. It works well only with upgraded speakers.
  5. It is the best universal fit class d 5 channel amplifier.

Let us introduce to you the smallest 5 channel amp that can run for as long as you want it. This amplifier is from Polk Audio Class D 5 Channel Car Amplifier. This is the best and ultra-efficient 5 channel class d amplifier as the power delivered to your stereo enables the system to produce music with maximum clarity. 

Although this 5 channel audio amplifier comes in a small size yet, it fooled you with its penalty of features. It continuously delivers 70 watts to each of the rare and the front speakers with 500 watts to a sub.

Moreover, you will get a clean and distortion-free sound with the help of Polk’s Class D technology that has adjustable high and low pass filters. This Class D designed 5 channel car amps that facilitate the cleaner and articulate audio. It has 2 adjustable filters that enable you to keep away the highs from lows for an overall sound flawless.

It effectively uses the energy during sound production with the help of MOSFET power supply and less production of heat. Thus this 5 channel amplifier car audio runs very coolly.

Furthermore, the company uses the coated PB boards for the designing of this 5 channel car amplifier for more durability. In addition, it has special stainless steel parts that are resistant to corrode even in humid and harsh environments

5. Kenwood 5 Channel Power Car Amplifier (KAC-M8005)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It has a solid construction for tight spacing.
  2. It delivers optimum power.
  3. This most powerful 5 channel car amplifier is a little bit expensive.
  4. It delivers a clear sound with no distortion.
  5. It has a maximum power output of 1600 watts.

Kenwood is a very famous and top listed band in the manufacturing of audio instruments like speakers, amplifiers, and tape recorders.

If you are looking for a top rated 5 channel car amplifiers for your speakers, then no other option is better for you. This is because this amplifier has more than enough power to drive your moods with exceptional sound quality.

If you visit the market, you will find that it is probably the smallest 5-channel amplifier with the ability to run 4 speakers, each of 50 watts, and a subwoofer with 500 watts.

Moreover, a very prominent feature of this 5 channel car amplifier is that it is suitable for marine applications due to its conformal coated circuit board. It protects the inner circuits from dirt, moisture, and water.

With the use of the latest technology, you have full control over almost all aspects of entertainment. It has high and low pass filters to adjust the sound output from your speakers.

In addition, this small 5 channel car amplifier allows you to connect the speaker wires or RCA cables from your receiver to this amplifier.

6. Skar Audio RP-75.4AB 500 Watt


Highlighted Features:

  1. It offers a clear sound without distortion.
  2. It is the best inexpensive multi channel car amplifier.
  3. This amplifier never overheated.
  4. Sometimes, it automatically switched to protection mode.
  5. It delivers the combined technology of class AB/D.

Skar Audio has designed this 5 channel Class AB/D amplifier that brings a serious sound amplification.

This five channel car amplifier uses a high speed MOSFET power supply with a 4 way protection circuitry for maximum protection.

If you consider the topology of this good 5 channel amp, then it is the biggest rival of Rockford Fosgate. This is considered as a Class AB/D amplifier that uses the combined technology of both classes, making it an extremely energy efficient amplifier. It produces a loud and distorted free sound with the least heat production. This cheap 5 channel amps can bridge to feed more power to subwoofers.

Furthermore, most car amplifier 5 channel have voltage, thermal, and speaker protection. This brand is equipped with DC protection in addition to the other 3 protection properties. The DC protection allows you to listen to the music at maximum bass without any worries of breakdown.

This best budget 5 channel car amplifier allows you to fine tune the sound with the help of the bass boost control and high and low pass filters according to your preferences. Thus you can enjoy the high quality crisp sound with articulate bass from the system powered by this amp.

According to the company 5 channel amplifier reviews, this amplifier is composed of a cast aluminum heat sink for heat dissipation. Above all, it supports the faster drawing of heat so as to keep your system cool even when running at its highest power level.

Moreover, this brand uses the best gauge wire for this model of 5 channel car amplifier. A 4 gauge wire is mostly used for a system with RMS value of 700 watts.

7. Alpine PDR-V75 5 Channel Digital Amplifier


Highlighted Features:

  1. It delivers excellent audio quality.
  2. It requires a separate adaptor cable for speaker level input.
  3. This 5 channel amplifier car audio is equipped with a thermal management system.
  4. It offers flexible control on sound customization.
  5. It is available at a reasonable price.

Alpine PDR-V75 is the Class D 5 channel car audio amplifier that provides the best sounding and most compact 5-channel amplifier. This small size amplifier delivers a high-quality sound that can easily fit even under the seat.

Unlike many others, 5 channel amplifiers that shut off temporarily when overheated, this model (PDR-V75) uses an advanced built-in thermal management system that automatically reduces the output power as it detects overheating.

Moreover, this best 5 channel car amplifier for the money uses a remote bass control other than the standard adjustable high/low pass filters and bass boost. It delivers even more bass from the system for better listening. According to the company, this best 5 channel amplifier gives you the freedom to do fine tuning of sound according to your preferences. This fine tuning function helps you to get high quality from a system.

Unlike many other models, it uses a cast aluminum heat sink for heat dissipation. This supports faster drawing of heat from the system to make it remain cool even when running at its highest power level.

According to the company 5 channel car amplifier reviews, this 5 channel amplifier can also work as a 3 channel amplifier when bridged. You can even be plugged or unplugged this amplifier even if you have never installed an amplifier.

Factors to consider while buying the Best 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Buying the best 5 channel car Amplifier is a very time consuming task because there are a lot of technical features to consider in the amplifiers. So you must have knowledge of these different aspects. Let us introduce to you some key features to consider while buying the best 5 channel car amplifier to value out your money.


The power wattage determines how much power is actually sent to the speakers. But your money will be wasted if the speakers are not capable of this power. Thus, being a key factor, you must consider this feature.

Similarly, if overpowered, then it can make the condition worse. Therefore, you must buy that best 5 channel amp for the money that is compatible with the speakers of your car.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is another factor that never is neglected. This depends upon your speakers. The better the speakers you have, the clearer the sound quality you can enjoy. It is often seen that a lot of music lovers want to enjoy a music bass with clear sound.


The operating frequency of the best 5 channel amps is quite a technical factor. Because it controls the mix of your amplifier from the bass sound to the boosted bass.

It also alternates the tonal abilities of your bass echo and notes.


If you visit the market, you will find various types of the best budget 5 channel amp. But an expensive 5 channel amplifier provides a better quality of sound. But it is also tested that a class D 5 channel amplifier is available at a low price and delivers a clear sound quality.


Size is the last factor that you should consider while buying the compact 5 channel car amplifier. So, it is better to look for the correct dimension in order to place them inside the car in the correct position.

Top 3 Brands

Yes, as we said that this is an expensive investment; thus, we want to value out your money by investing for the right brand. Here we are shortlisting the top 3 brands regarding the Best 5 Channel Car Amplifier to buy. The products of these brands are of high quality and durable. 

Rockville-5 Channel Stereo Amplifier

Rockville is a very famous audio tool manufacturing brand that cares for your money. It is a result of the combined effort of a team of engineers and designers of the company. The company is committed to manufactures high-quality rockville 5 channel amp, car stereo, professional audio, and home theater. In addition, this brand has spent on production only to manufacture the highest quality products.

Kenwood-5 Channel Power Car Amplifier

Kenwood Corporation Kenwood Limited Vehicle Audio Kitchen Home Appliance, PNG, 2200x700px, Kenwood Corporation, Area, Audio, Blender,

KENWOOD is one of the leading brands in the manufacturer of different communications equipment and many household consumer electronics. Moreover, this brand is famous for introducing new technology in the consumer electronics market. This brand is playing a foremost role in developing a market driven 5 ch car amplifier, because it is the slogan of this brand to enjoy the music with a clear sound.

Rockford Fosgate-5 Channel Prime Amplifier


This is the brand that is powering music all over the Earth. Other than top rated car amplifiers, we see a lot of other items like speakers, Subwoofers, and Signal Processors by the same brand. The slogan of this brand is “Power from the Gods”. Rockford Fosgate offers Super class A/B technology for the sound of the best quality solutions.


It is always a time consuming business to buy the best 5 channel car amplifier at a reasonable price as there are a lot of brands that have launched their amplifiers. I hope 5 channel car amp reviews give you complete knowledge and help you to buy the best 5 channel car amplifier according to your requirements.

Besides all the above, if you are still confused, then I recommend to go through the Top 3 picks section of this article and select the best budget-friendly 5 channel amplifier.

Remember, these 5 channel amp reviews are written after a lot of market surveys and 100 customer reviews so that you get the complete knowledge regarding the 5 channel amplifiers in minimum time.

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