Eight Best Pool Cues for Beginners in 2021_buyers Guide & Reviews

Getting yourself involved in a highly competitive sport may not be as easy as it looks. If you are new in this field, you will know that you have to learn many things and tricks before becoming a professional one. And for this reason, you should also need some right equipment to prepare for your first game. The very first thing you should consider is the best pool cues for beginners. Choosing the best pool cue for beginners usually depends upon the player. Everyone has their style, so there is no specific one that is perfect of all. There is a specific guideline you can follow to find the one that is right for you.

Heavier cues usually are better for beginners, as it stays on line longer and might be more straightforward for a novice to get some additional twist. Lighter cues make it simpler to control the speed of the ball. However, it requires more precision and ability. The tip size is generally a matter of inclination; however, novices ought to get a prompt with a bigger tip. Using a soft tip takes into account additional vibe through the shot; however, a hard tip is tougher and holds its shape longer.

Here I list comprehensive best pool cue reviews that also include a buyer guide to help you to understand the best pool cues for beginners.

best pool cues on Amazon

ImageProduct NamePrice
Viper 2-Piece Pool Cue
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VIKING Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue StickCheck Price
Players hxt15  two-piece pool cueCheck Price
McDermott Classic Pool Cue KitCheck Price
EastPoint 58 Inch Pool Cue Check Price
CUESOUL kids cue stickCheck Price
CUESOUL 6 Pieces Pool Cues Check Price
RAGE RG210 CueCheck Price

As there are a number of pool cues available on the market, choosing the best is not an easy task. So that’s why we have compiled a list of the best pool cues for beginners out here on the market. Our research is based on the different materials used to create these cues, wrap-up material, including the length, weight, and more. So without wasting time, let’s start;

1.Viper 2-Piece Pool Cue

Viper is a well-known brand for its different high-quality types of pool cues. And this pool cue is not different from others. The attractive spider web design makes it an ideal choice for art lovers and also makes sure that you stand out in the crowd. It’s not just the butt of this prompt that gladly shows the spider-web plans, yet in addition, the grip. These classic pool cues hold silicon imbued to guarantee you easily without managing any unfriendly pressure or vibrations.

Furthermore, that is not all. This Viper Revolution Spider 58″ sign allows players to customize pool stick weights ranging from 18-21 ounces. To guarantee toughness, the maker of this prompt built it utilizing first-class hard Canadian Maple wood, which is the standard material in the present market.

According to the viper pool cue reviews, people love how this billiard is a two-piece, making it simple to move to your number one playing spot and take the less extra room. Additionally, it accompanies a removable scuffer, so that I will change it without any problem. Also, to guarantee you are playing experience as you play, this 2 piece cue stick highlights stainless steel joints.

  • Durable due to the standard Maple wood construction
  • Attractive spider web design
  • Affordable
  • Light-weight 
  • Easy to store due to its 2-piece feature
  • 3-years warranty
  • Tip tend to wear out pretty fast

2.VIKING Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick

If you have a tighter budget plan and don’t know which is the best pool cue stick to pick in your budget, then this Viking 2 piece cue stick is best for you. You will be surprised to know that this stick used to play pool offers some astonishing tips, its cost regardless. The Viking brand has been around for more than 50 years, and its line of signs has been dependable.

With this perfect cue, you get the alternative to choose between the seven accessible shading choices. Furthermore, whatever style you go for, their design is quite extraordinary, and they all element a 13mm leather tip, which should last several games.

Any pool master will disclose to you that this sort of tip is superb at controlling the ball. Additionally, the shaft of this good beginner pool cue is built out of solid Canadian maple wood, promising you sturdiness and reliability. To guarantee the joints remain bolted safely, they highlight a metal stringing, which does an impressive job.

The prompt accompanies an Irish material Wrap giving you a comfortable hold. This Viking pool cues prices, along with the shaft wood, will provide you with hard strikes. Additionally, since these good pool cues for beginners come in two pieces, it’s not difficult to move around and store as it takes less space and isn’t excessively substantial. You can even choose a weight between 18-21 ounces.

  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Available in seven unique colors
  • It offers a powerful hit constantly
  • Butt weight is also adjustable
  • Easy to transport
  • Very affordable
  • You will have to prep the pool stick tips every time.

3.Players hxt15  two-piece pool cue

Players are also well known as one of the best brands for the money. The quality, performance, style, and all above is the price that makes it the best competitor among its competitors. Players’ pool cues are overall the best for the money and those looking for an affordable option. It is furnished with a Low Deflection (LD) shaft. Discovering a signal with an LD shaft for under $200 is practically impossible. Once more, this is the reason player cues are so extraordinary. They offer loads of updated highlights that are commonly just found on more costly cues.

The actual shaft is produced using premium North American Hard Rock Maple. It is at that point treated with a licensed wood stabilizer called Nelsonite, which seals the shaft and shields it from dampness which can prompt distorting. After this, the shaft is done off with an exceptional epoxy that further protects the shaft from dampness and distorting.

You’ll notice the delightful treated steel collar at the joint of the player’s edge pool cues. This collar, combined with the high contrast separated jewel illustrations, and the pecan stained Birdseye Maple lower arm, honestly gives this player’s hxt15 an exemplary marvel that is certain to stand out enough to be noticed. The twofold squeezed Irish Linen wrap is a decent touch as well.

As should be obvious, the Players HXT15 is an excellent, elite pool signal intended to give you the best value for your money. For the cash you’ll spend on it, it cannot be beaten!

  • 18-21 oz pool sticks
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Butt is made up of premium North American Hard rock Maple
  • Double pressed linen wrap
  • Durable
  • Provide extra spin
  • Offers Lifetime warranty
  • Not yet observed

4.McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

Mcdermott’s classic pool cue kit is made up of Canadian maple wood to provide it a durable quality. It weighs just 21 oz and enables you to hit as hard as possible. This makes this best pool cue join a beneficial buy, chiefly because it’s reasonable than different sticks inside its position.

This exemplary pool sign unit comes in either dull dim or white, so you, in any event, get a choice to pick, even though it could improve more shading choices. At the point when you get this bundle, you will track down a delicate case total with a savvy side pocket, a chalk holder, two billiards, and a tip scuffer. In this way, you will save additional bucks. In any case, on the tip, I love the way that it’s a scuffer 133mm. Accordingly, you can easily hit the signal balls’ base/side when necessary.

  • It comes with 3 years warranty
  • Provides a better grip 
  • Heavy-hitting
  • It also comes with extra accessories
  • Available in two styles, i.e., dark grey or white, you can choose according to your will.
  • The shaft is exposed for wrapping

5.EastPoint 58 Inch Pool Cue 

Eastpoint pool sticks are an average pool cue length that allows you to keep as much distance as you want. While playing your game, you may have to go near the pool table, or some of the time, you may have to go a long way from the pool table to make your ideal effort. You can make your effort from any distance you need with this Eastpoint titanium pool stick, as the length of this prompt is 58″.

 If you imagine that the heaviness of this Eastpoint titanium pool cue may be heavier than different cues. Allow me to reveal that you are off-base since this prompt loads 19 oz, implying a lightweight pool sign. This Eastpoint titanium pool stick is superior to any remaining best pool cues with its cool plan and execution.

Beginners, as well as experts, can use this sign to play their game with extraordinary execution. This is extraordinary compared to other pool cues in the market at present. The most stunning component of this 58″ two-piece pool stick is its composite covering over the prompt, which makes this sign twist and scratch safe. The tip of this pool sign is made of aluminum to provide great execution. There are messes around the tip which can be here and there, with the goal that you can use a few sorts of tips. The pool signal is in our list of best beginner pool cues for having every one of these great qualities.

  • Scratch-resistant design
  • Durable
  • Titanium tip
  • Good build quality
  • Joints are fair

6.CUESOUL kids cue stick

The colorful design, i.e., comics star designs, fireworks, and Boom graphics of this kid’s pool cue, attracts the kids. In addition to the design of these junior pool cues, the quality makes it part of our best pool cues for beginners.

Built with a light, kiln-dried eucalyptus hardwood shaft, this two-piece signal handles well. Youthful players will like the manner in which the 12-millimeter leather tip plays without knowing it. This sign also includes a dark ABS joint in this youth pool cue with a steel screw and an elastic guard. The short characters come in blue, green, red, and orange plans, all with quality ferrules. This kids pool cue is the ideal thing to instruct a kid ages 6 through 9 about the round of pool. Relative and lightweight at around 13 ounces, these prompt all youthful amateurs to figure out how to hit the ball well with a sign intended for their capacity. It is the best tip for pool cues.

  • Best child pool stick
  • Available in a variety of color options
  • Attractive design 
  • Durable construction
  • 12mm leather tip
  • 48-inches in length
  • lightweight
  • The tip does not take the chowk very well

7.CUESOUL 6 Pieces Pool Cues 

Cuesoul is another well-known and famous brand for delivering the best pool cues. With an even exhibition, Cuesoul 57″ House Bar pool cues are designed to offer you the best performance in contrast with other modest prompts. It is the most famous model of Cuesoul up until this point. To give you great hold over the signal while playing Cuesoul, use Irish Linen wrap.

With its six-layer leather tip of the heated pig, it can improve your performance because this cue’s aim is more accurate. That is the reason you can barely miss your shot at the hour of playing your billiard game with this prompt. 

To make the cue more grounded than any time, the company used a ferrule of fiber. A few highlights are additionally added to this cue to make it the best pool cue for beginners ever. The most amazing element of this classic pool cue is that you can handle the heaviness of this according to your shot and improve execution. The value range is also low, which implies the signal is moderate with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Adjustable weight
  • Affordable price option
  • The ferrule is used in its construction
  • Premium quality leather tip
  • American quality wood is used so durably
  • Tip is fare

8.RAGE RG210 Cue

The range is a reputed brand with a budget-friendly cost. This is one of the best pool cues under 100 $. The superb design with different color patterns provides lots of interesting features. Midnight black with realistic Cocobolo is the shade of the entire cue; however, there are white and silver precious stones at the lower part of the cue close to the grip.

The wrap of this light-up pool cue is made with squeezed Nylon which will guarantee an extraordinary hold. It is an ideal cue for regular use as the cue is durable.

The most significant piece of the cue is the tip, and the tip of this cue is made with 100% quality leather. This tip will improve your accuracy over other typical pool cues. You can point any ball on the table and hit the cue ball with the cue with great points.

  • Made up of hard rock maple wood
  • 100% natural leather tip
  • The nylon wrap provide perfect grip
  • Light-weight
  • Affordable option
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cue size is considered slightly larger

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Pool Cues for Beginners

As we provide you with the best pool cues reviews now, we will help you understand different features that should be considered when looking for the best pool cues for beginners. Before we dive into the features all starts with how to choose a pool cue;

The best pool cue tools are flawless to one touch. So the first thing you should think or look at is any sign of glue. Because the bond indicates the horrible construction, and the cue probably won’t last as much as you feel. Any scratch should be checked. Now let’s dive into the features to enhance the quality and performance level of your game. These are as follow;


The material used in the development of top-rated pool cues fundamentally decides the kind of shot made. For example, if you need to accomplish a clear shot, the more complex the material use, i.e., pool cue wood types, the more favorable it will be. It’s mainly for this reason that most beginners stick used to play pool out there, including the ones referenced in this article, utilize the solid Canadian maple wood as a standard material. It gives you more control, but also the much-needed power. 

Along these lines, as a fledgling, it’s best to go for maple wood cues. But, if you need to evaluate new materials, you can generally ask your friends about the sorts of materials they are using. With time, you will understand that some high-level players incline toward lighter cues, along these lines favoring sticks composed of mixed materials, similar to fiberglass and maple, among others. 

This clarifies why such sticks will, in general, be more expensive.

Size and weight

This is a pool cue tip size guide and a pool cue weight guide which is also an essential factor while choosing the top quality pool cues. Always remember there is no specific size and weight for players. Contrary to common suppositions that expert players should use greater and heavier signals, some show interest in lighter sticks over heavier ones.

At this stage, they are now certain about what they need, have a consistent method of playing, and ability to apply normal power to a shot. As a beginner, in any case, you can pick between 18-20 ounces as far as weight and 57-59 inches (size). 

This clarifies why most beginners pool cues in this article accompany a consistent length however offer different weight choices.


A good cue joint should offer dependability. Also, that implies an incredible grasp on the wood and an ideal match when messed up. Likewise, after you screw them together, guarantee there is no measure of light noticeable around the shaft and the butt, with the pin totally in the center. 

If you see any light, it implies the wood wasn’t suitably formed, putting it under pressure instead of rest. The high-quality joint design makes it easily fit together and snugly.


Having communicated with many pool beginners, I understood that the vast majority lean toward leather wraps. However, they don’t comprehend that these wraps are somewhat thick, giving them a weak hold as they play. Keep in mind, the leather wrap will, in general, elevate sweating and adds to the expense of your cue. In this way, in case you’re anticipating burning through $100 or less, it shouldn’t be on your list. 


Indeed, I feel most beginners don’t realize which wraps are better. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to get the Irish material wraps, which are the most well-known, even in our audits. It doesn’t trigger sweating, and it gives you a middle hold.

Extra Accessories

Remember everything that is light on your budget should always be welcome. If you are on a tighter budget, it is best to look for the best pool cue kit with additional accessories. These include chalk, cleaning cloth, carrying back, or shapers. 


While picking a warranty, try to choose one that will ensure your buy and its value. The warranty relies significantly upon the cue you bought. Typically, for cues that cost more than $100, you ought to have at any rate a three years warranty that covers any deformities.


With a number of options available in the market, it can make it difficult to decide which one is the best. The eight best pool cues for beginners are listed here, so the only thing you have to do is to provide preference to the personal style of playing and choices. So best of luck with your shopping!

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