Creating A Playground In Your Backyard For Kids

Do your kids complain of having no fun activities at home? Don’t worry; we have come up with the solution of creating a playground in your backyard for kids. Although you are somebody who wants to keep an eye on their children or you think that your kids might get hurt in public playgrounds for lack of care, we have come up with such ideas that will please your kids as well as parents. If you are willing to build a playground of your own or have some basic tools this article will make it easy to tackle the project. 

Building a playground with woods can add versatility to the fun games like swing, slides, climbing walls, forts, and seesaw. Whether you are deciding to build a playground using wood, try to find the good wood, because a playground created with insects repelling wood can eliminate the chemical threat.  

Making a safe playground can be your priority, kids play too much on the playground when their friends come over. So their safety should not be at risk.             

What Fun Things You Can Add In Your Backyard For Kids?

There are many fun games that you can add to your home-built playground.  You can make them according to your kid’s interests and age. Apart from this hare, I am showing you some games that your kid can play. 

  • Colorful Tin-Can Bowling

This game is perfect to add colors to your backyard. You can take any empty tin can, color them, and here you have your colorful tin-can.  

  • Ring Toss Game

This is a DIY game for kids. Kids throw rope rings in the wood needles attached to aboard.  This game can be played in teams and individually.   

  • Swing

This iconic thing is a must to have in your backyard. It’s entertaining for not only kids but adults as well. Nobody can deny the fun and glee of a swing. 

  • Trampolines

Talking about playground fun activities how can we forget about trampolines, it’s a must thing to have in your playground. It also comes with a safety net as well. You can also check out our other article to buy one for yourself.  

  • Water Slides 

Playing with water is children’s favorite thing to do so, why not make it extra fun with less water wastage.  

  • Climbing Wall

This can be a super fun activity and make your kids grow fast and healthy.  

  • Backyard Chalkboard

You can add a huge blackboard painted with beautiful colors in your backyard. Kids can use it for drawings or even for learning numbers.   

What can I use as a ground cover for the playground?

 Playgrounds for children and adults have different perspectives. When kids are thinking of playgrounds they only care about their fun, games, jump, chase, and climbing on the walls. However, adults are more likely to concern that how a playground should be; they want their kids to grow healthy and think about their safety.  

The playgrounds have evolved over the generation; the other thing that has been changed is playgrounds cover options. Play ground’s material used to be hard grass, sand, or even concrete but these outdoor play ground’s covers were considered for harsh injuries by falls or landing from the slides and games. 

Whether you are planning over an outdoor playground cover it is important to know that not every idea is perfect according to every surface. Many other good options are provided out there which can be reliable for your surface but always know that there is never been a perfect solution.  Eventually what you want and prefer is a safe playground for your kids. For this purpose, there are some points that you shouldn’t be compromised upon while building a base for a playground; availability, maintenance, accessibility, appearance, affordability, and of course safety.                    

How Much It Costs To Build Your Playground?

If you are building a private playground it can cost you 100$ to 5000$ easily, depending on the choice of your setup.  The complexity of the playground, layout, accessories, surface, and the material that is used decide the cost of your playground.  There are a lot of things you can DIY at home with fun but there are few things better be made by professionals for the assurance of safety. 

The average cost of a wood playground can be reached to 500$ to 5000$ including the labor work, material, and pieces of equipment.  It can include a swing set like a swing, slides, and a climbing area with a shade canopy. A custom playground can cost you around 7500$ to 10000$ depending on again surface, layout, equipment, and size. A custom playground completely meat your taste and unique fashioned. These are often designed to compliment house structure and landscape.      


Building a playground is all about fun, enjoyment, and carefree time playing with friends and siblings, but for parents, it’s more than that they are more concerned about their kid’s safety and protection. So we have summed up a few ideas and affairs that might be helpful for you we hope!