How Can I Decorate My Swimming Pool?

You have a boring pool don’t worry we have come up with some exciting ideas to make your pool more fun and exciting. First of all, determine what kind of pool you want to make. You always have the option to ask any designer to make any idea for your pool but if you are a DIY lover just like me and prefer to design it by yourself, go ahead and slay.

This article will fairly answer your question: how can I decorate my swimming pool? Follow the steps bellowed to make your project easy, peaceful, and trouble-free.     


For a productive mission, brainstorming feels like a win.  Use your brain tool to find out what you really want to do.  It is an ancient technique, when people brainstorm, come up with a good idea and solve problems creatively.    

Collect Inspirations and Ideas

Look for ideas to make it easy to visualize and decide what feeling you want. Now if you know how you want your area to look like, identify what function it needs. Stay focused on what you want while collecting the inspirations.   

Pros and Cons

The map you have made in your head, observe the place, and recheck you have any doubts because we don’t want our hard work ruined in the end. If the idea is advantageous according to your place go ahead with that, if not favorable with the area skip it and modify it.       

Make a Plan

 To bring the idea into action primarily write down your idea or draw your inspiration. Write down all the steps that you are going to follow and make a do or not-to-do list. Write down all the investments just to stay within budget and you are good to go with your project.   

Ideas to Decorate the Pool

Finally, you are done with all the steps, plan making steps with a clear vision. Although there are many ways to decorate your pool on the internet, we are presenting you with a brief list of choices that might be helpful to you. Keep in mind that these are just ideas you are bound to follow them all.      

    • Add sofas or chairs
  • Patio umbrellas
  • Towel rack
  • Add colors
  • Ground pool ladder
  • Lights above the pool
  • Floating lights and toys
  • Water features
  • Add a swing


What Plants Can I Put Around My Pool?

Some people do like greenery in their house, which is a great idea but there are always choices because you just can’t put any anonymous plant in your house.  There are some adjustments and mess that plants can make so you are lucky if you have an outdoor pool. Some plants create less mess and are suitable for the poolside plantation idea because there are some chores that you have to do after putting the plants. Be aware that planting alongside the pool can have some challenges and concerns.     

No matter if you are planting directly in the ground or the containers there are plenty of plants that you can grow.   Plants with little leaves are easier to deal with than larger ones. For outdoor pools Agave, Aloe, and Yucca are easier to handle, they can stay good in full sun and need less care. For a tropical look in the garden grow Small palm and Cycads. Planting Cactus alongside the pool can be a very good idea because it adds to the beauty of the garden but makes sure they are far enough to hurt nobody.

Never forget to add grass and flowers to your garden, it looks like heaven together. You can go for Hawaiian hibiscus flower, Angel Trumpet, and Bird of Paradise flower. Add the Zebra grass as well.        

What Stones Are The Best To Put Around My Pool?

People do love to add stones beside the pool that gives the perfect look. For this cause, the best choice would be Bluestones, Granite and Travertine that was used in the palaces in ancient time and still face the same craze.  These will make your floor smooth, shiny, and easy to grip.  For this purpose, you might need a professional



Your pool isn’t boring anymore and you can spend the best time of your day. These ideas will make your pool look fabulous.  Enjoy your favorite and entertaining time in your DIY pool. Apart from that, we will be happy if all these ideas were beneficial for you.